What Is Love Essays: Online Writing Guide

Love is the most pleasure-giving feeling in our life. No matter, which loves it is. We can love parents, family members, pets, friends, girl or boy, each other or ourselves. Love is what unites us and makes us feel better. Almost every person on the Earth knows what it is, but does not know how to write about it and what "what is love essays" means. Let's take a closer look at this particular assignment and discuss its features.

An essay about love is not hard. Why?

  • It is not the hardest topic;
  • you will be definitely interested in such topic;
  • it would be hard to believe, if somebody said, that he/she does not have any single thoughts on this topic;
  • an essay is not a hard task because once you follow the structure, you get 60% of success.

Let's think a little. What do we talk about when we talk about love in essays? Some people can talk about love for their families, their parents, and the relationships between family members, describing it as the highest feeling. There are other thoughts on it too. Other people can describe the feeling of having a crush on somebody. There a couple more groups of people who talk about love for nature, animals, the world and life in general.

The exact definition does not exist. Everybody has its own, but let's talk about what types of love essay you can use for your paper. Scroll down!

Falling in Love Essays Ideas for Students

Not rarely students decide to write about falling in love in their papers. In this case, you start writing about the first time, when you felt butterflies in your stomach when you feel nervous when meeting a person, whom you like. A wonderful feeling, is not it? Wonderful, but still thrilling and sometimes unclear.

No person, who has ever felt this way, would say that it is not a strong feeling, because it is. Describe it in your falling in love essays. You can tell about how falling in love happens to people in life or you can describe your own experience, which would be interesting for the readers too. It is up to you.

Modern Love Essays

In modern love essays, you can describe the differences between love in the 18th century and our modern world, for example. Describe how men were trying to take on the women and how women had been acting about it before and now. You can compare the so-called two worlds and tell what is still the same for both of them. Tell what is the same even in spite of the differences.

This direction of the topic is pretty interesting, and if you try a little and make some efforts, you will be able to get an excellent estimate for it.

Essays About Family Love

The first feeling of love we get from the birth. When we are kids, we are surrounded by family, which takes care of us and shows us their love and support. So, this direction of the topic will also be good to write about.

You can tell about your family. Write about relationships within your family, how you were raised and if there was enough kindness for you. Personal examples and experience in essays about family love are always interesting for the readers.

Romantic Love Essays

When writing romantic love essays, you can write about the relationships between a boy and a girl, a man and a woman. Such connection always has magic. For example, you can tell about ideas for romantic dates. If you want, you can add personal examples.

Romance is an inalienable part of our life in this world, and we all know that. What is romantic for you? It can be the atmosphere of the date (riding the boat, dinner on the roof, walking through the park, etc.), holding each other's hands, kissing, hugs or talks with laughing and no sense. Choose what you want to write about. There are a lot of options.

Essays About Love and Friendship

Essays about love and friendship can be various. You can either write about friendship and describe how you love somebody friendly or about the differences between loving a friend and a person, which attracts you more, than friendly. It is up to you. Choose your option and go on to impress your teacher.

Love Is Medicine Essays

There is also another type of such essays, that is called love is medicine essays. In such a paper, you need to disclose one thing. The thing is how love's medicinal properties work. Have you ever noticed, how people deal with stuff, when they have somebody, who supports, and when they do not?

For those, who do not, it is harder, because they are all alone in their tragedy, which makes them drown in problems again and again. And there are those, who do. When a person has somebody, who supports him/her and does everything to make it better, it is getting easier. A person starts feeling better. Love and support of other people make him/her blossom as soon as possible.

And now we are done and hope, that we were helpful for you in choosing the exact direction of such topic. Writing the best essays about love is not hard. Simply write with the heart. Write from the soul, and you will impress the reader. You can be sure about that.