What is Academic Writing — Prepare Good Papers

Let’s have a look at what is academic writing through its purpose and structure. The objective is always about proving a point or a theory depending on the sphere of study.

Academic writing meaning is connected to innovation and applying the best effort of the intellect.

Scholarly work includes stating a thesis and further investigation to prove the point. The goal is to bring innovation and to shift the view of the problem.

The outline usually includes an introduction, thesis, investigation or proving a hypothesis and results or conclusions. Lately, the experienced educators have raised awareness as to the academic style. It does not really reflect the modern science anymore and prevents students from creative writing and even better thinking.

Academic Writing Definition: Explaining in Detail

To define academic writing, we commit to the way scholars articulate the intellectual boundaries of their disciplines and their sphere of studies. Commonly, it means applying proper scientific tone, using third-perspective narrative, and passive constructions.

These style markers are quite notable when you read a scholarly written paper and struggle to comprehend the contents even within your area of expertise.

There have been years of work dedicated to planting the idea of complicated and dense writing style as a norm. The course reading is full of hard scientific material. This practice has made students think that their academic writing should be presented in the same way. Otherwise, they will get a low score. At least, that is what the young students believe.

The issue poses a real problem, as the students may have great ideas to share, but they become reluctant to share if academic writing has to be full of scientific orthodoxy and jargon within the field.

Currently, many educators, who follow hand-in-hand with time, realize that many terms, even jargon, are overused in the works of undergraduates, and soon this style of writing will fade as it is utterly obsolete.

The academic writing has its own features aimed to help with its exact definition and to contrast it to other kinds of writing:

  • Academic language is rather complicated. It does not use shortenings and spoken style. It is clear from dialectics as well.
  • An academic language is formal.
  • It is precise.
  • It is more objective than personal. The narration is mostly impersonal.
  • Academic writing implies being explicit concerning parts of the text. In the majority of cases, an academic text has a defined structure.

However, with more traditional professors in college, the requirements are to follow the basics of academic presentation strictly. If you attend traditional colleges, and the rules are strict, there is a general guide on the website, or the professor provides the requirement as for the writing style.

Purpose of Academic Writing Is Skill-Development

Progressive scholars keep reminding their students of the advice on writing by the famous masters of a word like Orwell. The main point is to choose the simple words, short sentences, widely-known terms, and active voice. Just the opposite of what the guide on academic writing suggests.

It makes sense since Orwell was a creative writer and we talk science here – this is probably what you have to say in a reluctant defense. Ok, so what about Winston Churchill? He had to act smart all the time and yet, his advice on language and writing is: short and old words.

Today the education has progressed. We witness it slowly creeping from outside the traditional universities and taking more non-traditional shapes. There are strong programs for distant and online learning. TedEx talks gather millions of viewers. Experience matters just as much as the theory.

So why should the academic writing stray away from the evolution of the educational process?

What is the purpose of academic writing? At the end of the day, it is to share your finding with a broader audience, to bring value to the society, to change the natural order of things. How can a larger audience understand the intricate language of the academic style?

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As long as the requirements for writing tasks in college stay within the framework of the academic style, most students will struggle with them. To say the least, the classic academic style is not helpful to deliver the study of the problem to a larger public.

There are plenty of reasons why students are unable to perform writing tasks once in a while throughout their course in college. They have to follow the guidelines of the academic style. The services have evolved to offer individual academic writing help to any student:

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