What Is a Case Study and How to Deal with It

In the training programs for students and schoolers, a case study always has a special place. That is the work in which you must show all your potential, the acquired skills of analyzing and systematizing information, diligence, and knowledge. Case studies are conducted in different scientific disciplines and represent an in-depth analysis of the subject of research.

For each case study, you can use both qualitative and quantitative methods of research, or even mixed methodology. The term itself includes both actual analysis and research design for working with the subject of research. Before starting such work, it is important to determine for yourself how to conduct and organize your research work, its structure, and design. Let us consider in more detail what is a case study and how to approach it.

Case Study Definition and Feature

The case study is a research strategy and an empirical study of a real phenomenon, mostly in the social sciences. It can be a study of a group of people or a specific person, events, periods of time, politics, social systems. Both single and multiple case studies are allowed, using one or more methods. Based on the case study meaning, we can identify the main opportunities that this kind of work opens up and allows:

  • to analyze the theoretical model and its suitability for practical use;
  • to predict what the results will be in the future;
  • to find out what tendencies are most likely;
  • to reveal hidden problems;
  • to give a clear understanding of the issues and solutions;
  • to analyze the interaction of the subjects with the environment.

A case study can be a comparative study, but most often it swings one subject of analysis. For a more precise understanding of the definition of a case study, let's consider the main purpose of this method in education. That is an educational approach that allows students to find a solution to the problem ourselves, through its in-depth analysis.

Purpose of a Case Study Generally Depends on Its Type

So, the case is an individual situation of a person or a group (class, family, organization, institution), experiment, scientific phenomenon, event, project and so on. Your task is to establish all the key issues of the case. To study your case, you will apply theoretical concepts from the discipline to which this work is related.

If it is a question of the research, the purpose of which is to solve the problem (problem-solving studies), then you need to write down the necessary directions of action.

Descriptive case studies aims to determine all aspects of the situation in order to achieve its understanding. They are called upon to help people make the right decisions in such situations.

Individual Case Study Help for Your Confidence in the High Grade

Basically, case studies are particular to sociologists, psychologists or scientists. Depending on that scientific field, particular theory, organizational theory, and social theory are respectively applied.

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  • The psychology case study of the human brain, cognitive thinking behavior.
  • The sociology case study inside, between or around communities, groups, or organizations.
  • The scientific case study on real theories or come up with new approaches, hypothesis.

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Case Study Research Structure and Content

Your research should have such a detailed structure:

  1. The Introduction
    • What did you study;
    • What was the importance of the chosen subject of case study research;
    • What was already known before you started your work;
    • How will this case help to advance the study of this issue?
  2. Literature Review
    • Specify what research works helped you understand the topic;
    • Communicate your work and show how it is applicable;
    • Definition of new ways for research that you applied;
    • Contradictory information in previous studies;
    • Your own research.
  3. Method
    The choice of a particular method depends on the subject of analysis: an incident or event, a person, a place, a phenomenon.
  4. Discussion
    Describe what conclusions you came to, repeating the research problem. Explain what your research results mean and why they are important. Match them with those that have already been conducted previously. Provide your alternative explanation of the results. Describe what is missing in your research work, in which areas people can conduct further research.
  5. Conclusion
    Give here the meaning of your case study and its advantages. Summarize what productive work you have done and what the main results are.

Case Study Design as an Important Criterion of Evaluation

For a good design, you need to compose a plan of all the research. It should be a logical plan of your turn-based work with the major steps. A lot depends on the visual structure. Apply the graphic information in different formats for a case study design to reach high-level usability.

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History of Case Study as the Main Point of Protection

It is an important point to work with. The history of case study should include truthful information about how you did all your work. We will tell you how to answer the questions of the teacher and defend your research. Our services at your disposal.