Money Back Guarantee

When using the help of our company, you can have every confidence in its quality level because every single customer is important for us. One of our essential rules is to be open to the customers, so we want to tell you more about our money-back guarantee section particularly. Informing people about such things is what guarantees everything goes like clockwork.

In most cases, our clients do not turn to this feature owing to our impressive results that adhere to even very strict time frames. There is also a revision option to satisfy each criterion.

If the circumstances of your order match those described in the next sub-sections, you can use our money back option. Please take notice of the fact that depending on the specifics of your order the refund might be partial or full.

100% refund

  1. Double order
    If you have made two orders that are exactly the same, you should definitely speak to our support agents since it's really important to inform us as quickly as possible. However, in case a writer is found before you contact our support, you won't get a 100 % refund; for this reason, place your order carefully.
  2. Calling the order off before the writer is selected
    Under these conditions, you can get a 100 % refund. You're fully eligible to receive a full refund if the writer has not begun working on your paper.
  3. Immense workload
    The skills of our professionals allow us to handle a huge selection of order types, but even so, because of various unforeseen situations or a really heavy workload, some of our very experienced writers can be not available.
  4. In case you ordered once but paid twice
    This situation happens extremely rarely, and only by accident. In case you notice that you have been charged double price, getting in contact with our client support agents is the first thing you have to do. In such cases, the receipts are the most important condition for receiving your money back.

Partial refund

Sometimes you can have a partial refund if your case is the same as one of the mentioned down below:

  1. Delayed delivery
    It can happen in case of some unforeseen circumstances. The sum of a refund is negotiated with the buyer and will depend on several aspects. In order to avoid these situations, the clients need to be very attentive too. For instance, sometimes the author does not get all the important materials from the client, provided that they are vital for proper order processing. It is clear that in these circumstances a refund is impossible. Thus, we recommend sending every single important file immediately after you completed the order form.
  2. Cancelling your order while it has been assigned to our professional
    In such a case, you can expect a refund of around 70% to cover the writer’s efforts and time spent. But it's reduced to a 50% refund in case the time remaining to the due date is half of the total time determined or less.
  3. Post-submission claim
    In case you aren't happy with the result, we offer you a possibility for your claims to be analyzed. The refund would be influenced by whether your complaints are well-founded and justifiable enough. Because of our writers' expertise, their good track record and dependability, such situations hardly ever take place.
  4. Uncommon cases of plagiarized papers
    Any purchaser, who's shown us the existence of plagiarism in the finalized work is entitled to revision or partial refund.

No refund

  1. You expected a better mark
    We can guarantee the finest quality of our papers, but we can’t fully ensure the greatest mark because it depends not just on the paper but on your teacher or work presentation too.
  2. Proofreading, formatting, editing
    Understand that this kind of services with the previously prepared paper will always be done without making any alterations to your work’s content material. So, we take zero liability for any possible issues concerning the content of your paper.

Money-back process

When you request a refund and it is confirmed, you'll receive your money back not later than 5 workdays after the verification itself. Work only with reputable banks and other organizations to receive your refund because we do not hold any liability for any problems with third-party organizations involved in the transaction.

Together with all transaction fees, the money-back option is offered only when its amount is larger than 10 USD. In case your refund is less than 10 USD, don't worry - we offer our clients the option of money reservation, so that you could spend it on our services when you receive your next assignment.